Labline is the multifunctional pilot plant for laboratory with working possibility by coating knife and cylinder complete with oven and wet or "one-coat" laminating. Suitable for direct coating and transfer coating.

It's a scale line where test runs, trials, samples and pre-production batches can be performed.

The machine is supplied complete of: two doctor coating blades profiles P 20 and R 30, one coating roller, pneumatic expansible shafts.

The coating head is equipped for the following operations:

  • Coating with doctor blade for "thickness" coating;
  • Coating with doctor blade for "on-air" coating;
  • REVERSE finishing with engraved roller for coatings on films or product. An important aspect: the REVERSE roller system enables the use of water based products. Excellent with foamed products too;
  • SYNCHRO applications with "multipoint" roller for special effect finishing on embossed synthetic leather, two tones effects, lacquering. Using a design roller, it's ideal for print finishes and special effects.

Thanks to laminating cylinders, composed by two nip rollers, Labline offers:
  • Wet lamination system (with application of adhesive, fabric lamination and reticulation in the dryer);
  • "One-coat" processing system (with application of adhesive, drying coupling at the dryer exit, melting of thermal adhesive by a heated cylinder).

  • Rapid changes of the coating head: changeovers from doctor blades to roller finishing system (and vice-versa) take very little time;
  • All thickness adjustments and pressure adjustments are easy to set and controlled by high precision instruments (centesimal comparators);
  • Machine controls are easily accessible.

  • It cuts down on chemical products, electrical power, release and support paper;
  • Only one operator is required;
  • Very easy to install thanks to its compact size.

  • Cylinder heating system;
  • Lower scraping blade for "on-air" coating;
  • Dipping mangle at line entry.

Multifunctional pilot system for laboratories