FOAM GENERATOR FOR WATER BASED CHEMICALS Foammix 100 is the foam generator for low delivery (Kg/h), derivated from model 300. The main feature of Foammix 100 is the sigle mixing chamber equipped with square sectioned teeth. The turbine rotation speed is adjustable by inverter. The machine is equipped with screw pump suitable for a low delivery values. The machine electronic control system with PLC guarantees to get precise delivery and density values, with high precision and reproducibility. It's no longer required to manually check the foam weight since the installed microprocessor keeps the pre-set weight of the foam, by taking into account the specific weight of the chemical to be foamed. On the control panel there's a digital screen to input all the working parameters and to display delivery in Kg/h., specific weight of chemical to be foamed, foam weight in gr/lt., error messages and alarms.

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