HIGH CAPACITY FOAM GENERATOR FOR WATER BASED CHEMICALS Foammix 600 is the optimal machine for high productions of very fine foams with high homogenous characteristics. The main feature of Foammix is the patented quadruple mixing chamber who, while working at a low pressure, reduces the air into microscopic bubbles and homogenize them into the chemical by keeping constant and unaltered its chemical/physical characteristics. The machine electronic control system with PLC guarantees to obtain the pre-set values of the delivery capacity and density of the foam, with high precision and reproducibility. With Foammix is no longer required to manually check the foam weight. The microprocessor installed maintains the pre-set weight of the foam, taking into account the absolute density (specific weight) of the chemical to be foamed. On the control panel there's a digital screen to input all the working parameters and to display delivery in Kg/h., specific weight of chemical to be foamed, foam weight in gr/lt., error messages and alarms. The machine is programmed with three operating modes: "normal", for the production cycle; "stand-by" for the waiting time, with chemical inside the machine; "washing" to automatically clean the machine at the end of production cycle, or to prime the machine at beginning of a new production cycle. An electronic controlled bypass system allows to use only half of the machine, in case the max. delivery is below 300 Kg/h. Foammix 600 has, as standard equipment, a stainless steel frame, two screw pumps each one driven by an A/C gearmotor inverter controlled and the cooling system for the mixing turbines and pumps. Further innovative features are the safety devices to avoid overpressure in the turbines and to check the of compressed air inlet pressure. The rigid and compact structure equipped with wheels, the light weight and the independent connections for electrical power and compressed air enable an easy and rapid positioning of the Foammix 600 next to the coating stations.

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